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Stebra Consulting is an IT company at the forefront that can help your company become more efficient by developing and creating new solutions for your information management. With over fifteen years of consulting experience with clients like TV4 Group, Pernod Ricard and Ă…land's municipalities make Stebra's agile practices valuable so that we create value for your company at the first meeting with us.

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What do we do?


Strange requests and without concrete plans?

We help you to beat the nail on the head, and set reasonable goals. With the help of workshops and a close customer dialogue, we collect, analyze, specify and prioritize the requirements and improvements that your company needs in order to start your project with the best success conditions.


Are you are in trouble or do you have a chewing gum under your foot?

Relax, we fix! Whether you already have a ready solution proposal for your IT projects, need extra resources for an ongoing project, or want to start up a new project from square one, we will help you get to your goal. We take you from seed to loaf on to the smorgasbord and always have a holistic approach in focus.


Do you know anything more fun than to take care of your IT system?

Then we think you should focus on it instead and let us take care of the technology. A management assignments with us can mean that we continuously manages the updating and further development of your systems.

Social presence

Time to develop your social skills?

We help you to improve both your internal and external communication channels so that your information is in the right place. For example, we help you to share information more effectively on your internal platforms, or to reach out to your social media with just one click.

What do we do more?

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What is Stebra Consulting?

-Always a bit better-

We at Stebra Consulting are passionate about agile approaches and ensures regular evaluation of our work as our primary tool for continuously improving ourselves and our processes. This, together with our curiosity and our passion for continuous development gives us the ability to live and deliver by our motto, "Always a little better" Thanks to our straight communication, high transparency and close cooperation within our team and with our clients, we deliver solutions of the highest quality, while we have fun at work. As a customer with Stebra's agile approach, you will be able to influence your own project goals and success of the project. As the world is rapidly changing, demands can sometimes change from one day to another, Therefore, we adapt the project to the market's demands and working with it, rather than against. Stebra Consulting Values: Cooperation, High level of expertise, Transparency, Quality and Results. At our company, the individual's strength is best taken care of in a team.

Who are we?


REQB-certified SCRUM master

Hans Steffensson which is one of the founders of Stebra has a decade of experience in IT and know what processes and tools should be used.



SharePoint, Office365 specialist

Bertil Brandt, who is a founder of Stebra has worked 16 years in IT. Bertil is also in love with the agile approach, tools, methodology of Scrum.



Frontend, .NET, SharePoint, Office365 Designer/Developer

Felix Freye possesses double skills, both as a full-fledged industrial designer, but also as a solid developer interest that has taken him from the IOS development, and apps like "Falling Monk". Now he builds SharePoint apps.


Frontend, .NET, SharePoint, Office365 Developer

Simon Bergqvist is one of the better developers you will ever encounter, has extremely easy to absorb new technologies, and are happy to share his experiences.



System Architect, .NET Developer

Alvaro Urbano is a guitarrist with an online poker platform in his sleeve. He is also a very skilled developer and problem solver. He is always up-to-date with everything that is happening in the .NET world.


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Check It In

Check It In allows users to easily find and check in their files.



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